My Dream

Growing up, I longed for a horse I could call my own but could never quite get there.

Instead, I surrounded myself with looking after other peoples and have remained captivated and have been surrounded by them my whole life.

Becoming my Reality

My Dream eventually became a reality.

 What started with one and has grown into a small herd of my very own.

My passion for understanding my herd manifested further when a small member needed support both physically and mentally.

The Introduction

This lead me on a thirsty path for knowledge on what I needed or how I could provide the best and most sustainable support available for my herd.

This journey enable the discovery of the Barefoot Saddles and Products which is now a strong part of my toolkit.

My Purpose

Since my discovery and witnessing first hand the benefits of the Barefoot products, I am now proud to be the representative based in Western Australia and able provide support and products throughout Australia.

I strongly believe in these amazing products and my purpose now is to share them with you so please, hit the Shop Now button below and let’s get started on your Dream.