Barefoot VPS-System

VPS® stands for “vertebrae protection system”. It is a combination of several different materials, which either distribute or absorb pressure. The Barefoot´s build in VPS® system also ensures even pressure distribution on the rider´s weight along the whole lenght of the saddle with no pressure points. 

The VPS system Design is protected and may only used in original Barefoot saddles.  

VPS® distributes the rider’s weight ideal and on the largest area possible along the part of the horse back, which maybe be loaded to carry weight: between the withers and the 15th/16th vertebrae. As proven by several measuring peak pressure is eliminated. The construction of panels to the left and right of the spine create enough space for withers and spine. Even when standing in the stirrups (posting) the pressure is spread along the entire length of the seat – there is NO LIMIT regarding the rider’s weight.

The panel construction left and right of the spine allow for a distinct spinal clearance over the spinous processes and guarantee constant spinal and wither clearance. 

The VPS ® System is noticeably more narrow than a conventional saddle panel and therefore allows for very subtle communication with the horse which leads to much finer riding. The rider can feel the different areas of the horses back muscles work under the saddle.

The VPS ® System distributes the rider‘s weight in an optimal way over the largest possible area of the back.  

Flexibel in all directions

Due to its flexibility and adaptability Barefoot Saddles work on just about any horse‘s back. Inserts in different sizes and materials guarantee optimal fit to the horse‘s shoulders. To avoid pressure points in the loin area, the Barefoot Saddle has a soft cantle which is flexible in all directions: sideways and up/down.

Due to the VPS ® System standing in the stirrups is possible without a problem as the rider‘s weight is distributed over the whole length of the saddle. The trapezius muscle will not be bruised and can develop.

Noticeably elastic sandwich construction made of pressure absorbing elastomer layers and pressure distributing polymerlayer. All materials have a smooth surface. We do not use padding materials which settles unevenly, so puntual hardenings are avoided. The fleece lining towards the horse back levels out any small unevenness.   

All Barefoot saddles from the 2008 production year are equipped with the VPS® system.