Air-Flow HORSE BOOTS, front, size M


  • Ideal horse leg protecting
  • Especially soft inside padding
  • Excellent protecting
  • Ultra light weight


The Barefoot® ‘Air-Flow’ Boot lets the horse’s leg breath!
The air-permeable, soft and pliable inner padding offers ideal protection for horse’s legs without constraining blood circulation. The padding overlaps the edges of the outer shell to avoid pinching. The outer shell is made from clear sturdy TPU* to protect the bones ideally.
Elastic tapes keep the boot in place and allow quick mounting and taking off.

• air-permeable
• excellent protection from blows
• excellent cushioning of blows
• quick mounting
• very light weight

Size: M (height: 23 cm) and L (height 25 cm)

2 styles: front (pastern/fetlock), back (pastern/fetlock)

*Thermoplastic Polyurethan offers the following attributes: flexible along a wide range of temperatures, low wear and tear, bendproof and tearproof, resistance agains oil, fat and solvents, weatherproof

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M, L


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