Barefoot COMMUNICATION Neck ring, circumference 175cm


  • Neck ring for communication with horse
  • For groundwork or riding
  • As neck strap
  • Central patch with concha as balancing weight
  • Braided DryTex material – easy care
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Barefoot® – Designed FOR Horses!

Super ring for aids from the saddle or also for groundwork. Plaited, sturdy, easy care DryTex material.
We have added a center patch which gives the ring weight and therefore helps to balance it. The ring lies with the patch against the horse’s chest and balanced itself. Through the wider patch reverse acting aids are optimally transferred to the sternum. The patch also looks chic – is braided and decorated with a concha.

The ring is also suitable for beginners to hold on to, seat exercises on the lunge or timid riders – in addition to bridle and saddle.

By the way: A neck ring is used in Western riding for neck reigning, that is: The horse yields to pressure – e.g the ring applied to the right hand site of the neck and horse gives way to the left and turns into that direction. Communication can be so simple and fine!

thickness plaited material: approx 12 mm
length ring: 175 cm


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