Barefoot CONTOUR PHYSIO bridle


  • Anatomically shaped Contour headpiece (patented)
  • Exact fit to horse’s head
  • Precise aids through perfect fit
  • No slipping towards horse’s eye
  • Many uses
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Barefoot® – Designed FOR Horses!
The solution: Not only for sensitive horses! For all styles of riding and lunging.
The Barefoot® ‘Contour Physio’ bridle can be precisely fitted to the horse’s head as it is of a totally different design to traditional bridles.

A. The Contour poll area is shaped forward so that no pressure is applied to the sensitive area behind the ears where a nerve trunk attaches to the occipital bone.
The headpiece is softly padded and curved around the horse’s ears – the ears have room, the headpiece nestles softly.
B. The cheek pieces and throat lash are thought through and fitted to the horse’s head in a different way. The cheek pieces fork out, this y-shape prevents slipping: the horse’s eye stays free! The bridle can be precisely fitted to the horse’s head and stays in place.
The Barefoot® ‘Contour Physio’ bridle has many uses:
1. with Barefoot® ‘Shape-It’ noseband or Cavesson for bitless riding or lunging
2. with Barefoot® ‘Shape-It’ noseband or Cavesson + bit straps for riding and lunging with bit.
3. with hackamore or bosal
4. with bit (simply attach bit to the left and right)
5. …many more possibilities

0 (Pony): length adjustable from 84 -96 cm, browband 41cm
1 (Cob – Thoroughbred) :length adjustable from 91-107cm, browband 42 cm
2 (Full – Warmblood) length adjustable from 98-118cm, browband 43cm
3 (Drafthorse) length adjustable from 107-123cm, browband 45cm

Explanation to measurement: the length was measured from left to right towards the mouth over the poll in a straight line.
Brown with light brown soft leather padding
Black with grey soft leather padding

Barefoot high quality leather
Barefoot high quality leather

Barefoot Horseaid
With your help, we support animal sanctuaries and animal welfare initiatives! When you purchase an article with this sign, we automatically contribute 1 euro to the Barefoot Horse Aid fund, without passing this on to you by increasing the final purchase price. For more information on Barefoot Horse Aid click here: Link Barefoot horse aid page.

Pony size
This article is also available in pony size.

This article is also available in drafthorse size.

Barefoot Bridle Contour
This anatomically-shaped and patented headpiece is the ideal solution for sensitive horses. The special form of the Barefoot-Contour headpiece means that no pressure is exerted on the sensitive area between the horse’s ears, the occipital bone. The middle part of the headpiece has been formed in a curve, so that it bends forwards and comes to lie in front of the base of the horse’s nuchal ligament. The area around the ears is cut out and cushioned with soft padding.

Bridle 2-in-1
This headpiece has a double function and can be converted for use with or without a bit in only a few simple steps. These headpieces can also help make the transition to a bitless riding style; more information, take a look at our brochure: Bitless riding.

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Dark Brown / Hazelnut, Black / Grey

Size (Bridle

Pony, 1 (COB), 2 (FULL), 3 (Kaltblut)


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