Barefoot? shoulder measurement templates


Set of four templates
to measure exchange pommel inserts of Barefoot® saddles
easy handling
coloured to match Barefoot® exchange pommel inserts


Easily adjust your Barefoot® saddle to fit your horse’s shoulder width!
With the help of our shoulder measuring templates you can easily determine whether the interchangeable pommel in the saddle fits your horse or which interchangeable pommel you need.

The set consists of 4 measuring templates (narrow, medium, wide, XXL). The templates are coloured to match the interchangeable pommels so that no confusion can occur.
Recommendation: If your horse is between two sizes, use the larger interchangeable pommel to leave room for muscle development.

Please note that the Barefoot® interchangeable pommels are inherently elastic. The material bounces along with the movement. Small deviations between template size and shoulder width are thus excellently compensated for.

Material: sturdy cardboard, varnished

Alternatively, you can also use our “do-it-yourself” stencils free of charge.


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