Barefoot Surcingle with Handles (1/2 Size)


  • Surcingle without nutcracker-effect
  • With wither clearance
  • Atomically shaped handles
  • For beginner training and therapy
  • Real leather, soft padding
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Lunging and therapeutic riding without nutcracker effect.
Most lunging, vaulting and therapeutic riding surcingles apply nutcracker-like pressure onto the horse’s withers – either to the sides or on top of the spinous processes.

Underneath the Barefoot® surcingle the withers remains unrestricted and there is no pressure – neither onto the withers nor along the sides. The supports on both sides are padded softly and extra wide, so that muscles can develop.

The handles are anatomically shaped giving a save hold even for small hands. The surcingle therefore becomes an ideal trainings aid for beginner riders and for therapeutic riding.
The handles can easily be removed and exchanged with a Barefoot insert without handles.

The correct size for the front insert can be measured by using the sizing template.

The lowest rings left and right on the surcingle are movable (only for size 1/2) and can be taken off to allow the surcingle to be girthed higher for horses with narrow rib cages.

The surcingle can be used with any standard dressage girth.

Size: 0 (Pony)
Size: 1/2 (Cob/Warmblood)
Size 0 = Length from withers to first hole for girthing: 55 cm, last hole: 69 cm, suitable for larger Shetland ponies, from 110 cm heigth, Icelandic horses etc.
Size 1/2 = Length from withers to first hole for girthing: 65 cm, last hole: 85 cm

Barefoot high quality leather
Barefoot high quality leather

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