HEAVY DUTY inlay for saddle pads, pair


  • Inlay for your Barefoot® saddle pad
  • Best pressure distribution
  • Heavy duty: for heavy riders, trail, endurance or others


Barefoot® Saddle Pad Shims ‘Heavy Duty’ were developed for the extreme. They are not only shock absorbent but also distribute weight evenly through a polyurethane plate inserted into the cellular rubber.

The edges of the inserts are softly rounded and tapered to ensure no developing pressure ridges even on long rides. These inserts are recommended for long distance riders and also for pressure sensitive horses who have previously suffered from saddle pressure sores.

Thickness: 20mm

Pointer: These inserts cannot be trimmed due to the inlaying plate therefore we continue to recommend the foam, rubber or memory inserts to fine tune saddle fitting.


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