Leather covered fork, PU, XXL


  • Change without trouble
  • Adopt to your horse’s shoulder yourself
  • Easy saddle fit to different horses and training steps


All Barefoot saddles can be adapted to different shoulder widths with the exchangeable forks. Simply determine the right size with the help of the measuring template, open the front zip, replace the interchangeable pommel, close the zip again – done!

The exchangeable forks are made of a special PU plastic material. A cast-in, resilient metal bracket inside ensures stability and breakage resistance. The material gives way and springs along with the movement – for the horse this means even more freedom of movement in the shoulder area with the greatest possible comfort.

For measuring template klick size counselling!

For a better identification the pommels have different colours depending on size:

WIDE – Red
XXL – Blue

Attention : not suitable for saddles in size X0 (Arizona Barry, Arizona Bellis)

Barefoot high quality leather
Barefoot high quality leather

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Black, Brown, Choc-Oiled, Light-Oiled


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