Lunging – Bit EXPERT


  • Middle ring moves to sides
  • Change lunging side without having to change the ring
  • Ideal for driving from ground
  • Quick change openings instead of clanging hooks
  • Real leather
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Lunging with common-sense

We have invented a sensible lunging-bit. When taking a look at the commonly used lunging straps we discovered a few things that bothered us:

• The snaps with which they are normally hooked to the snaffle rattle and jingle all the time and are annoying
• The lunge can only be attached in the middle, causing the snaffle to be pulled out of the mouth on the outward side which in return applies a wrong cue – aside from dulling the horse’s sensitivity. (This also happens when lunging without a snaffle!)

We can do better than that:
The Barefoot Lunging Bit “Expert” does away with annoying snaps, but offers a smart Quick-Change fastening made from real leather. The ring for attaching the lunge turns and moves freely so it doesn’t jerk the horse’s mouth – the horse can easily be directed into a different direction.

Material: Leather / Nylon

Length when closed: 26 cm


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