OFF-BILLET, Latigo-leather with elastic


  • Elasticated western rigging
  • Allows horses to breath easy
  • Extremely strong leather
  • Elasticated material and high quality finish


Especially with Western saddles tight cinching from the ground is often unavoidable as you generally do not re cinch once in the saddle. The elasticated Stretch & Breath Off-Billet from Barefoot allows for room to move so your horse does not get cinched too tightly.
The elastic Off-Billet Stretch & Breath is made of selected materials. The incorporated elastic band allows for just enough stretch that the horse, once cinched, can still breath easily without making the saddle slip.

Traditionally a off-billet is used on the right hand side of the saddle. It is used to attach a western cinch whilst on the left-hand side the cinch is attached to the saddle by means of a tie strap, tied in a tie knot.

Overall length of Off-Billet (used double layered): 110 cm

Colour: brown

Barefoot high quality leather
Barefoot high quality leather


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