PATCHES for Ride-On girthing, pair


Replacement patches
girthing stabilized by patches
sheep wool backside



The Ride-On-Pad girthing is stabilized by the patches, which have real sheep wool on the underside so the girthing does not irritate the coat along the horse’s side.

Replacement patches matching with all Ride-On-Pads, Ride-On-Physio except Ride-On-Kids.

Color: brown, black

Available per pair.

This product is made from pure sheep’s wool and has almost the same antibacterial and pressure-absorbing effect as sheepskin, but for us there is one important difference: As opposed to sheepskin, it is not necessary to kill the animal in order to obtain the product. After shearing, the wool is mechanically applied to a textile substrate and put to use in the manufacturing process of our products.


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