• Anatomically shaped
  • Non-slip
  • With detachable attachment
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2 in 1 Pad – for daily usage and for attachment under luggage
Delivery including 2 different pairs of inserts!

Developed for the demands during long rides, with detachable attachment to protect when using saddle bags. The attachment is lined with real sheep fur, which protects the horse and diverts rubbing. Thanks to Velcro fasteners it can easily and quickly be detached so the pad can also be used without it for every day use. This saves you from obtaining two different saddle pads.

The Barefoot® ‘Physio Trailpad’ can be used with all Barefoot® Saddles, but it is also smart to be used under conventional saddles because of its functions:

All ‘Physio Trailpads’ are shaped to accommodate the horse’s spine and offer ideal pressure absorption and distribution.

This system offers additional clearance over the spinous processes of the thoracic vertebrae and consists of 2 components which are pressure absorbing and are connected securely with Velcro.
a) Lower part: anatomically cut made of quilted cotton, thinned under the upper thigh for a close leg contact, pressure absorbing foam inserts can be removed through an easy Velcro opening. 2/3 gripping sympanova underside will stabilize the saddle even on very round horses – the rear 1/3 is lined with sheep fur to protect this sensitive area. The fur glides over the horses coat and therefore eliminates potential rubbing under the cantle. Additional sheep fur in the front to cushion the movement of the shoulder.
b) Upper layer: Quilted cotton or microfiber fabric with felt underside, poly fleece inside and sympanova layer on top (will keep the saddle in place, supplies additional pressure absorption and offers some air circulation). Velcro straps to attach pad to the saddle.

2 pairs of 15 mm anatomically trimmed foam inserts are included with this saddle pad: Soft (PU-Foam) – adapts well; dense (rubberfoam): for heavy riders

•with detachable attachment
• anatomically shaped
• supplies spinal clearance even for sensitive horses with visible spinous processes
• well cushioned, suitable also for heavier riders
• non-slip
• including two different pairs of inserts

Available in two different layouts:

Size A for all saddles with longer saddle flaps, such as Barefoot® Saddles Barrydale, London, Lexington, Barrydale, Cheyenne, Cherokee, Nottingham, Nevada, Madrid. Comes in black only with quilted cotton lining on top.

Size B for all saddles with short side jockeys, such as Barefoot® Atlanta, Arizona, Happy Valley, Lazy Mountain, Missoula Nut, VirginiaRose. Comes in brown with brown microfiber lining on top.

This product is made from real sheepskin. Sheepskin has a temperature-regulating effect – both in cold and in warm weather – and is easy to clean. Simply brush out dirt with a soft brush. Sheepskin seats provide the rider with a comfortable, softer seat.

Saddlepad could be padded
This saddle pad can be fitted with variable padding, so it can be adapted to fit different horses’ backs. As it can be individually adapted, it is particularly suitable for horses with difficult back shapes. With this pad, one Barefoot saddle can therefore be used on several different horses. Link: how to pad the saddle pad correctly.

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