SEAT COVER sheepwool


  • Soft seat
  • Pressure absorbing
  • Easy attachment
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The Barefoot® seat cover makes the saddles are even more comfortable and really cozy. This cover will also fir many traditional Western Saddles – just order a size 2!

The seat cover is easily attached by two Velcro strips on the left and right sides of the saddle seat. There is a bulge on the back of the cover that is stretched over the seat back. After a short ride the seat cover molds to the saddle. The Sympanova on the underside of the seat pad prevents it slipping, so the rider feels safer with a softer seat at the same time.

This product is made from pure sheep’s wool. Sheep wool has about the same anti-bacterial and pressure damping properties as sheepskin, but there is one important difference for us:
Wool is simply shorn from the sheep, which is a regular and relatively painless process, whereas the sheep must be killed to produce sheepskin. The wool of the sheep is then applied to a textile carrier material for further processing. This means the production takes place in animal- and resource-friendly way.

Tip Wash: Hand wash in cold water, pull into shape after washing and shake vigorously.

Size: 1 and 2 (one size fits well on saddle size 0)

Not suitable for PRO Line models

This product is made from pure sheep’s wool and has almost the same antibacterial and pressure-absorbing effect as sheepskin, but for us there is one important difference: As opposed to sheepskin, it is not necessary to kill the animal in order to obtain the product. After shearing, the wool is mechanically applied to a textile substrate and put to use in the manufacturing process of our products.

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