Seat for Surcingle


  • For therapeutic riding
  • For gentle backing
  • For vaulting
  • Suitable also for conventional surcingle’s
  • Non-slip mesh underside


Innovation from Barefoot!

This pad can be attached to either lunging or therapeutic riding surcingle.
The rider can hold on tight to lunging, therapeutic riding or vaulting surcingle whilst being safely seated behind on non-slip, padded riding pad.

Ideal especially for young horses, backing, horses with saddle sores, old horses, nervous riders, seat development, therapeutic riding…

Materials: The inside is thickly padded with different levels of foam ensuring that the seat area is slightly lower than the outer part of the pad=
seat frames the rider.
The underside is made of non-slip sympanova mesh.
The top layer is made of micro fibres.

We recommend the use in combination with lunging surcingle and surcingle pad made of the same materials.


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