Saddle Consultation

Saddle consultation by a Barefoot Representative

Before buying a Barefoot saddle, we recommend our free online saddle consultation. The flexible Barefoot saddle is suitable for every rideable horse. A correctly fitted saddle will support the horse physically and help provide optimal connection between horse and rider.

To assist us in providing the best possible product for you and your horse, we ask you to fill out the below questionnaire, attach with photos and email to:

Download our Human and Horse Questionnaire

In order to assess a horse´s build, musculature and the line of its back, we require pictures of the entire animal and not just its back. Please take photos of both sides of the horse. Example pictures:

The horse should be standing straight and square on a level area with its head in a neutral position and its weight distributed evenly on all 4 legs. Please attach your photos along with your questionnaire.

If you already have a Barefoot saddle and have questions about the correct adjustment. Please send a photo of your horse with the Barefoot saddle (using the correct barefoot saddle pad) as if you were about to ride.